Wednesday 14 December 2022

Looking After Yourself

Sub-editors, Sarah, Emily and Tayyibah, have come together to share their thoughts on looking after themselves at university.

- Student Minds Editorial Team

✨ How have you looked after yourself at university? ✨

⭐ Sarah (Student): Winter break can be a very busy time of year. I'm always juggling Christmas plans with family and friends, getting work done, and finding time for myself. (The latter being very important for me as an introvert!)

I don't feel like there's one 'right' way to manage or prioritise all of these. But seeing my friends post on social media about either already being finished with assignments, or having the time of their lives celebrating the holiday season, certainly doesn't help me to relax. Feeling behind and having FOMO - how is it that I always seem to end up with both of these?

How I look after myself over the holidays is by doing a bit of both revision and relaxation every day. Working the entire day is tiring and feels out of place during Christmas! At the same time, spending all day just relaxing can actually be quite... not relaxing, as I have my unfinished to-do list in the back of my mind. So my method is revising in the morning, and then I can then fully commit to relaxation for the rest of the day!

⭐ Emily T (Student): After a hectic ten weeks in Durham, the holidays are a welcome break for me to relax and recharge before the start of next term! However, it is also a period that brings about a temporary change in routine as my workload significantly reduces. Being someone who likes routines, it can be challenging to readjust!

During the holidays, I find that setting aside time for the work I never managed to complete during the first term can help ease me into a new routine. I plan on reading an important book for my course that I’ve been putting off for a while! 

Finding a time to schedule a virtual call with friends from university also helps me to feel connected to my old routine. It is important to remember that the holidays can feel lonely for many people, and my friends have always appreciated a chat about anything and everything!

For me, the holidays are also a time to practise some self-care. This year, I will attempt to finish my (slightly neglected) crocheted blanket! I learnt how to crochet during spring break this year - picking up a new skill has helped to keep me busy (especially with the size that my blanket has become!)

I always remind myself that my old routine will return soon enough! Before I know it, the holidays will be over, my classes will recommence, and my friends will return!

⭐ Tayyibah (Student): The holidays can always feel daunting, especially with deadlines over the Christmas break. However, I always find taking time out to enjoy what I love the most like reading or spending time with family is very important to look after myself. 

How you look after yourself over the break is individual to you but it is also very important to remember that you are never alone. There are always services and helplines out there if you do need support. Yes, the holiday season is all about celebrating but it can be used as the time to reflect. I do this every year to look back on the achievements I made throughout the year.

I look after myself by doing university work and trying to hit deadlines as well as spending time with family and friends. The way I ease myself into the break and ensure things are done is by having set days and times when to study or when to enjoy to help have a list and timetable so I can visualise it better.

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