Create Art for the Blog

By telling your stories and sharing tips and advice you can help show other students that they are not alone, recovery is possible and you can still succeed at university despite experiencing mental health difficulties. Together your experiences can change attitudes, reduce stigma and create positive change in mental health.

We share art-based posts that:
  • Are created by students or recent graduates 
  • Share experiences of university
  • Show personal experiences of mental health difficulties at university
  • Give advice on how to talk to friends - whether supporting a friend who's struggling, or opening up about your own difficulties
  • Are from a range of artists, we particularly encourage blogs from men, BAME and international students as they are underrepresented on our blog and across the mental health sector

Once you have created an art piece please click here. If you want to share your art but you are not yet sure what to create or have any further questions please check out our FAQs or email Stay connected with all the latest blogging news and opportunities by signing up to our newsletter or by joining our student bloggers Facebook group.

Why create art for us?
  • Reach our national audience and make a difference by sharing your stories to like-minded students and graduates.
  • It's a great opportunity for building writing experience with the support of one of our sub-editors.
  • Sharing your story means that other people don't feel alone and can read relatable content.
  • We're open to all student-related stories!

Check out our Instagram and Facebook group for some inspiration!

Please submit your art posts using our submission form, if you have any questions or would like some help creating your art, please drop us an email.


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