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By telling your stories and sharing tips and advice you can help show other students that they are not alone, recovery is possible and you can still succeed at university despite experiencing mental health difficulties. Together your experiences can change attitudes, reduce stigma and create positive change in mental health.

We share blogs that:
  • Are written by students or recent graduates 
  • Give tips on how to tackle different challenges at university
  • Talk about personal experiences of mental health difficulties at university
  • Review the latest news in mental health from a student perspective
  • Give advice on how to talk to friends - whether supporting a friend who's struggling, or opening up about your own difficulties
  • Are from a range of writers, we particularly encourage blogs from men, BAME and international students as they are underrepresented on our blog and across the mental health sector

We have recently opened the blog to creative writing and are now accepting short stories up to 1000 words and poems up to 30 lines. More information can be found by reading sub-editor Hannah's blog.

We love hearing your stories but if you'd like to be published anonymously then let us know!

Before submitting your blog please read our Blog Messaging guidelines and find out how to submit a winning blog post. Once you have written a blog please click the button below. If you want to share your story but you are not yet sure what to write about or have any further questions please check out our FAQs or email blog@studentminds.org.uk. Stay connected with all the latest blogging news and opportunities by signing up to our newsletter or by joining our student bloggers Facebook group.

Why write for us?
  • Reach our national audience and make a difference by sharing your stories to like-minded students and graduates.
  • It's a great opportunity for building writing experience with the support of one of our sub-editors.
  • Sharing your story means that other people don't feel alone and can read relatable content.
  • We're open to all student-related stories!

Topic inspiration…

This May, our theme for the blog is ✨ movement✨, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Don't know where to get started with writing? Use these prompts and suggestions from the Editorial Team:

  • How does movement impact your mental health?
  • What kind of movement do you find helps you?
  • Are there different types of movement which help different moods or difficulties?
  • How do you find time for movement at university?

Submissions can be anonymous so don't feel pressured to include your name.

p.s. we LOVE poetry and creative writing pieces! And, we also accept art :)

The Editorial Team will be posting during May so keep an eye out for that!

Check out our Instagram and Facebook group for some inspiration!

As always, we welcome blogs on other topics related to student well-being all year round, so please do not hesitate to submit your blog even if it is not related to May's theme.

Please submit your blog posts using our submission form, if you have any questions or would like some help writing your blog, please drop us an email.

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