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I’m Taylor, a primary school teacher (and very recent graduate). I am extremely passionate about promoting positive mental health practices and challenging the stigma around mental health. I would like to raise awareness of the challenges of students’ mental health and help to promote their stories and experiences.

Hi! I'm Emily. I'm an Early Years Teacher and have a passion for play! I'm currently a Project Lead in Widening Participation to help students from underrepresented groups to overcome challenges, including mental health difficulties, in accessing Higher Education.


I'm Emily, a third-year History and Spanish undergraduate at Durham University currently on a year abroad in Galicia, Spain. After struggling with various aspects of my mental health whilst in my first year at university and watching close friends struggle too, I've become particularly aware of the stigma surrounding student mental health. I believe that far too many students suffer in silence for too long, so I'm really excited to be part of a community that encourages students to have open conversations about mental health. I hope my work with Student Minds can help facilitate these conversations so that students know they are never alone.

Hey, I'm Madeleine. I'm a recent biology graduate from the Uni of York. I believe in supporting people struggling with their mental health in ways that make them feel seen and heard. The key to reducing stigma around mental health is talking to each other about our experiences, which is why the blog is such a valuable resource

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