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I’m Katie, and I'm studying BA Modern Languages and Cultures (French and Spanish) at Durham University. After struggling with anxiety and depression for many years, I am passionate about challenging stigmas surrounding mental health by providing young people with a platform to share their stories and offer support and guidance. No-one should feel like they must suffer in silence. 

Deputy Editor:

I am Hannah and I have recently graduated from Exeter university with a degree in English. My time at university taught me that there isn’t enough awareness and support for young people with mental health difficulties. I am excited to be working with a platform that supports students and enables their voices to be heard.


 I’m Cuomu and  I graduated with a PhD in Social Sciences from Loughborough University in July 2020. My passion about student mental health awareness comes from my lived experience of managing mental health conditions while being in the higher education system. I want to support more students in sharing their voices along their journeys of mental health recovery.

I am Linda. I did a BSc in Psychology at the University of Warwick and now I am studying a MSc in Psychological research and working part-time at a charity that tackles isolation in adults.

I'm Carys, I studied languages at Durham University and interpreting  and translating at the University of Bath. I dedicate a lot of my time to mental health awareness, volunteering for numerous charities and sharing my experience of mental health difficulties online.

I’m Vineet, a third-year student at the University of Leeds studying Aerospace Engineering. I have volunteered for Childline and other organisations advocating the importance of mental health, helping to detach from the stigma which makes people feel that they cannot discuss this. I am very excited to work with student minds where this conversation can be encouraged and explored.

I’m Sabrina and I study Psychology at Plymouth University. I’m interested in using knowledge of the body, brain and behaviour to educate people about mental health. Having recently completed a placement year at a counselling charity, I’m also passionate about endorsing therapy as an effective way of moving through trauma. I’m really looking forward to promoting the Student Minds blog!

I am Andrew and I am currently a law student at UCL. I believe that every university student will be benefited by having a better understanding of mental health. I am thrilled to be a part of Student Minds where I can contribute to this cause that I strongly believe in.

I’m Caroline and I’m a final year Linguistics student at the University of York. I’m hugely passionate about promoting positive wellbeing and challenging the stigma surrounding mental ill health. I’m looking forward to being involved in a platform that allows students to share their stories without judgment.

I’m Vicki, a BA (Hons) Media and Communications graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University. As a mental health and well-being advocate, I want to use my skills and knowledge to support others. I am excited to read and share your experiences. I’m always here to help, empower students and challenge mental health stigma.

I’m Natalie and I am a third-year student at the University of Leeds studying BA English and History. I am passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health at university and raising awareness about student mental health. I am excited to be a part of the Student Minds Blog and to help students share their stories.

I’m Emily, a third year English Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of Leeds. Having experienced my own struggles with mental health, I’m really excited to help grow the Student Minds blog and encourage other students to share their stories and help each other feel a little less alone.

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