Wednesday 7 December 2022

Marie Sue Phenomena

Sometimes you feel you have to keep up with all the oh-so-perfect people, but this is often a fa├žade. This is an appeal to put mental health above appearances.

- Virginia  

Did you ever know a person with a perfect life? A person who is good at everything, everyone likes them, and they are without any issues.

This is Marie Sue.
Marie Sue laughs all the time.
Marie Sue is fine in sports.
Marie Sue is smart.
Marie Sue comes along with everyone.
Marie Sue is marvellous.
Marie Sue likes a lot of things.
She loves her friends, she loves her sports, singing, dancing, her courses, and her work.
Marie Sue is at university.
Marie Sue cannot go to the Christmas markets.
Marie Sue must work otherwise she cannot afford uni.
Marie Sue must learn to earn a good job.
Marie Sue has now expensive loans.
Marie Sue hears a lot of voices: You must do it like ... just do it ... more ... harder ... higher ...
Marie Sue just smiled.
Marie Sue’s formatives started.
Marie Sue needs her sports for mindset.
Marie Sue sleeps in the library.
Marie Sue wants to see her friends.
Marie Sue is writing and writing ... more and more as expected.
Marie Sue is crying.
Until her best friend Sue-Marie tells her a secret: You do not have to be perfect!
Marie Sue laughs!

Whether you are looking for support for your own mental health at university or supporting a friend, help is available.

I am currently an exchange student in Durham. I love writing, especially on topics that are close to my heart. Among other things, I perform my lyrics, which are mostly inspired by music. Within this blog, I combine my distance learning as a psychological counsellor and my passion for writing.

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