Sunday 14 March 2021

How are you? Yes, you!

Hilal talks about taking a step back to ask ourselves how we are, especially during these unprecedented times.

- Hilal Ozduru

How are you? Three words that can open up an entire story.

When asked, how often do we reply with “I’m okay”? We often wait until someone asks how we are but what if no one asks? How often do we, yes you included, actually take time away from our hectic schedules to sit down and genuinely ask ourselves this question? We deserve a chance to get everything that is pent up off our chests, don’t we? We tell each other, friends and family, that they are not a burden on us when they open up and let you in with what’s troubling them. So, why don’t we give ourselves this opportunity too?

Speaking for myself, I have never been good at opening up and would let my thoughts get to me. I would just try to push it all to one side because I didn’t want to burden anyone else or even myself. I have this habit of walking around, up and down my room for hours sometimes, letting my mind wander and worrying about everything that could go wrong. Worrying about my studies, to my health and of those around me, to everything going on around the world. I would like to think that I am getting better at airing out my thoughts to those who care to ask, but I know I have a way to go before I am a 100% there.

We are the one person who we spend the most time with every day. Surely, we owe it to ourselves to get to know our own self better? Sit down when you get the chance. Ask yourself how you are doing. Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself or to be open with yourself. Be you, you have nothing to lose. Encourage yourself. Be kind to yourself. You deserve you. Hear yourself out and go through what is troubling you and what you can be thankful for currently. Take what you’ve said and embrace it, and any changes you have to make for yourself to be happier. Change is not always bad. Take care of yourself, but please do not solely rely on yourself. You might tell yourself that you can handle it or that this is the way you’ve always done it, but take it from me, it’s not worth it. Find someone you trust and cherish them. But remember, finding and cherishing yourself is important too. This balance is important. Always and forever, please remember, you are someone to someone.

Visit Student Space for further support. Explore online resources, access direct support via text, phone, web chat or email and find the support available at your place of study.

Hello, I am Hilal, former Sociology undergraduate and current MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice student with a love for writing. This was my first post on my own small blog, called herewithh, that I am still very proud of.  I was inspired to write this after asking myself how I am doing. Hopefully, in sharing my thoughts, other people reflect honestly on how they are doing.

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