Saturday 13 March 2021

Destructive Patterns and the Desire to Heal – Lost Again

Ari Anna shares her personal story with mental health and eating disorders, capturing in music the constant tug of war between the desire to heal and the tendency to fall back into destructive patterns.

- Ari Anna

"Lost Again" is an intimate ballad, born of real life and struggle. Ultimately, the song becomes a stirring call, a guiding light for those who suffer: ‘if I made it through this, so can you’. 

Easy to say, this road never ends 
And I’m running without seeing the way  
Lost in the dark, broken heart  
And I am watching myself doing it all again.  
I’ve lost again.  
Every time I play the game  
Here I am and I’m taking all the blame. 
I’ve lost again.  
In time I’ll learn to win  
But until then I guess I’ll let the sadness in  
Hungry, hungry, hungry for love  
Trying to build me up pound by pound  
Nothing more to be afraid of I’m getting off the merry-go-round. 

For more information or to support your mental health, see Student Space or the Student Minds webpage.

I am Ari Anna, a third year songwriting student. Whilst growing up, I have struggled with eating disorders. Music is what helped me overcome my struggles and to learn to love myself. These lyrics were written 2 years ago, but only recently I released the song, finally. I want to share my experiences with others and give them hope. 

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