Friday 12 April 2024

Stress Awareness Month 2024

The Editorial Team are raising awareness for Stress Awareness Month by sharing their top tips for managing stress at university.

- Student Minds Blog Editorial Team

⭐ Tip 1: Find your people ⭐
by Taylor

Managing stress is so much easier when you can get out of the zone and feel truly happy with the people around you. It certainly doesn't mean that the problem will go away but having a good distraction doesn't hurt and neither does a good support network that you can talk your problems through with. After all, a great friendship can get you through anything!

⭐ Tip 2: Explore hobbies you love
by Madeleine 

Having hobbies you can go to for destressing can be a massive help when it comes to managing stress. Having things you enjoy aside from academics will mean that you have something to turn to when studying gets a bit much. Taking time out to reset and enjoy something else will mean you can later return to your studies refreshed and ready to take on your next assignment. 

⭐ Tip 3: Use your stress to your advantage ⭐
by Emily A

Like anything, stress is a good thing to have in moderation. An element of stress can be a powerful motivator for getting things done and reaching out of your comfort zone to explore new passions. Pay attention to your relationship with stress as it can be a useful mechanism for understanding your limits and when you might need to follow some of the other tips in this blog!

⭐ Tip 4: Journalling
by Emily T

This year, perhaps more than others, I have encountered many stressful situations. Working abroad as an English Language Assistant has been an amazing experience, but I have sometimes struggled with the unpredictability of travelling abroad. To avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed in stressful situations, I have found that writing every day in a diary about the situations that I have faced and what the solutions were has been super important in managing my stress. Having solutions to many common problems while travelling written in my journal has enabled me to refer to past situations and resolve the situations quickly through predetermined steps!

How are you getting involved during Stress Awareness Month? Share with the team - we'd love to hear from you!

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