Thursday 14 March 2024

University Mental Health Day 2024

The Editorial Team have come together for University Mental Health Day to share their top tips for students.

- Student Minds Blog Editorial Team

⭐ Creating time for yourself ⭐
by Taylor

In the hustle and bustle of university life (and just life in general) it's so easy to get lost or caught up in the stresses. Going back to the things you love doing and taking some time to be alone and value the simple things is so important. Sometimes, we just need to shut off the world and take a moment to figure out what we need and where we want to go next. It's all part of self-care!

⭐ Supporting a friend ⭐
by Madeleine 

Knowing how to support a friend with their mental health can be difficult - you want to say and do all the right things but you might not know where to start. Reassuring your friend that you will support them through bad times as well as good and being a listening ear can go a long way. Listen to them without judgement and encourage them to seek professional support if they need it. Remember to look after your own mental health when supporting a friend with theirs - you can't fill from an empty cup!

⭐ Finding your people ⭐
by Emily A

It can be tricky, when you're still trying to figure out who you are in this big wide world, to find people like you. Get involved and embrace new challenges in as many ways as you can to explore those around you and where you fit in, too. It doesn't always go right the first time so resilience is key! Everyone is learning and it's important to remember that finding your people isn't a fixed thing. I'm not friends with anyone I would have called my 'best friend' when I was at school - people change, and that's the way it should be. Finding your people might take time, but it's worth the wait.

⭐ Volunteering ⭐
by Emily T

Get involved! Join us! Faced with so many different options for extracurricular activities, I found myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of opportunities when I first joined university. However, after spending almost three years at university, I believe that volunteering is definitely something every student should try to get involved in. There have been so many benefits to my mental health by volunteering. Supporting meaningful causes has allowed me to feel a sense of purpose and direction during my studies. Joining groups of like-minded volunteers has also reduced feelings of loneliness. I also feel more confident in different social situations! Just make sure not to take on too many responsibilities; it's important to prioritise time for yourself too.

How are you getting involved on University Mental Health Day? Share with the team - we'd love to hear from you!

Find out more about University Mental Health Day and how you can get involved.

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