Monday 4 September 2023

Our University Survival Guide

The Student Minds Blog Editorial Team has gathered the tips and experiences of students across the UK to create their first Survival Guide to University

- Student Minds Blog Editorial Team

 What do you think is important for freshers to do in their first week? ⭐
  • Find a friend :)
  • Try out sports clubs and societies
  • Try your best to get outside and try new things
  • Find their way around classes and learn where lecture buildings are
  • Go to as many freshers events as possible and talk to as many people as possible
  • Go to freshers' events, you'll get freebies and meet new people
  • Find something to do each day, know where you need to go for your first lectures
  • Go to where your lectures are early on so that you're not lost on the day
  • Visit freshers' fayre, so you know all the activities/social opportunities available to you.
  • Register at a GP
  • Taking time to set up your room
  • Don't feel that you have to drink

 What is one essential that you should bring to university? ⭐
  • Snacks
  • Your favourite plushie friend
  • Laptop
  • Extension lead
  • An over-the-door shoe holder for your soaps, toiletries and other items
  • Photos/something to remind you of home (plus pins for corkboards if you want to put things up)
  • An open mind but have strict boundaries too (find a good balance)
  • Cheese
  • Spare phone chargers
  • Any medications 
  • Stationary bits (notepads, pens, etc.)
  • ID (e.g. passport) 
  • Kitchen bits and bobs
  • Games to play (e.g. cards)

 Some final thoughts/tips for our Sub-Editors ⭐
  • Emily A - Challenge the idea that “everyone is in the same boat”: people experience things uniquely and that means that what might seem like jumping in a puddle for some is like diving into the sea for others. University is a melting pot of people and experiences: be kind to others and be kind to yourself. 
  • Emily T - Don’t be afraid to try new things! University is the perfect time to develop your academic and personal interests. 
  • Madeleine - Give yourself time to settle in and get involved in societies you’re passionate about. That way you’re bound to find like-minded people. 
  • Sarah - Keep your mental and physical health a priority - don’t push yourself too hard because of FOMO. Do things you’re genuinely interested in, and don’t put pressure on yourself to find your besties in the first week or two!
  • Tayyibah - Remember you have got this and focus on your goal! It's not all about being perfect but it's all about the growth and the journey that it takes you on.

Whether you are looking for support for your own mental health at university or supporting a friend, help is available.

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