Monday 5 September 2022

Starting University

Luke and Natalie, sub-editors, share their experiences of starting university.

- Student Minds Editorial Team

Starting university is filled with so many emotions and it's certainly a daunting yet exciting experience. There are so many firsts and 'what ifs' but so many amazing opportunities too.

 What were some things you wish you'd known before starting university? 

Natalie (Student): "When I started university, I got so caught up with my new course, going out, and socialising with my new friends that I didn’t really make the most of the opportunities and societies that university has to offer! It was only in my third and fourth years that I ended up joining the societies that I really enjoyed, and if I could do it all again I would try something I’d never done before."

Luke (Student): "Finding your feet and meeting friends will take time, so don’t force it. You will find your group. Be open and receptive to new experiences as daunting as they may seem. And don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you feel lonely or are struggling it is perfectly normal after such a big change!"

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Written by Luke and Natalie from the Student Minds Editorial Team. Find out more about them here.


  1. Hi! I finished university some time ago. In fact, as students, I think we get too focused on goals, like successfully completing the course, or even socializing. But one thing that I consider extremely important and that is what I would do if I went back, would be to take into account self-knowledge, to reflect on whether each step would make sense in my life, each objective, each person. I ended up doing it later, but I think this self-knowledge helps a lot and should start very early on. Hugs, Raquel

  2. Gosh... this took me back to college days! I think a lot of new students struggle with also being authentic to their genuine personalities...and college can either help them develop that or weaken it and take on a 'mask' personality that they cannot sustain afterwards in the big bad world...