Tuesday 27 April 2021

Stairway to Success

Ritisha shares her own poetry about how struggling can sometimes come hand in hand with success.


Failure comes but finds me unafraid;

Instead it helps me focus on my goal

And makes me believe that

I am the master of my fate 

and the captain of my soul. 

Success is much harder to come by

But I won’t give up;

It may be as high as a mountain

But I won’t lose hope as I climb.

Instead embracing the challenges,

savouring the thrill of the fight,

I cling to my dreams

I will beat fear however hard it may seems. 

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I am Ritisha, I study in India in Amity International school. I love writing because I feel I can express myself better through writing. I feel all my anxiety and worries wash away from me when I write. 

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