Monday 26 April 2021

Solitude, my old friend

Ritisha shares her poem about battling isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

- Ritisha

The coronavirus pandemic has been dire to wellbeing. We have been forced to shut ourselves away and stopped from socializing and meeting our friends and family. Despite these hurdles, instead of drowning in despair, we can rise up to the challenge by becoming friends with ourselves and loving ourselves.

Hello solitude, my old friend

I have come to talk with you again

Because the corona is softly creeping,

has left its seeds whilst the world was sleeping

And when the world woke up insane

We were left alone with our pain.


Hello solitude do you know

That like a cancer, corona grows,

Although we see all the suffering

And the sound of silence is now deafening,

You, always by my side

Gives me hope that everything will be alright.  


As you say, “hear my words that I might teach you

Take my arms that I might reach you.”

And as people we bow and pray

To our God that night and day

You hold my hand to show me a way;  

That the future might be bright someday.

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I am Ritisha, I study in India in Amity International school. I love writing because I feel I can express myself better through writing. I feel all my anxiety and worries wash away from me when I write.

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