Wednesday 21 April 2021

Recipe of Happiness

Ritisha shares her poem about finding happiness in the things around you.

- Ritisha Roy

Welcome everyone,

Today's recipe is the recipe of happiness

Does the name make you jump on your toes?

Don't worry, you can humour me

So, the recipe of happiness

Consists of simple and sweet things

Like the chocolate of good hope and

Sweet whip cream of your mother's smile

Ah! Now that's what I'm talking about.

Bitter stuff is completely restricted

As it causes pain, sadness and only destruction

But a pinch of coffee would do no harm

Only adds extra aroma and a whole new charm.

Oh! By the way don't forget milk

Not only for good health, but to

Also make you lick your fingers!

Now blend all the ingredients

And let them mingle with each other

Have it any day to remove bad incidents

It brings a whole new feeling and makes your life brighter

Have a drink of this special hot chocolate

And I bet nothing else will be this great.

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I am Ritisha Roy, I study in India in Amity International school. I love writing because I feel I can express myself better through writing. I feel all my anxiety and worries wash away from me when I write.

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