Sunday 24 January 2021

Staying Positive During Lockdown

Carolina shares tips and tricks on how to stay positive during lockdown measures.

-Carolina Clarke 

2021 is a fresh start. After the events of 2020 and a virus that has caused 2 million deaths so far, 2021 is a chance at a hopeful future, for life to return to normal. The release of a vaccine provides us with hope, but there is still much work to be done. People worldwide need to be vaccinated and others continue to fall victim to this virus. So how does one stay positive during this uncertainty? Keep reading to learn tips and tricks to stay positive during these difficult times.

1. Journaling

According to an article on the website Positive Psychology, journaling has a variety of positive benefits including boosting your mood, enhancing your sense of well-being, reducing symptoms of depression, improving your memory, and reducing intrusive thoughts. With many of us being under lockdown orders, it can be isolating and may contribute to feelings of depression. Journaling can help us deal with these emotions.

2. Listening to music

Think about the last time you listened to music and how it transported you to a moment in your life where you were so blissfully happy. Music can affect our mood and allows us to escape the realities of everyday life. During times of struggle, it reminds us of better moments. Maybe it was a dance party you had with your best friend when you were ten years old, or maybe it was the song that way playing when you had your first kiss. Our experiences define who we are and by listening to music attributed to positive moments it can alleviate the feeling of isolation.

3. Connecting with others virtually

In lieu of being able to see people in person, virtual platforms like Zoom and Skype are great ways to connect with friends. Treat it as you would if you were going to go out and see them. Dress up and designate a specific date and time. Looking our best can help us lift our spirits. Think about the last time you put on a nice outfit, you stood more confidently and felt better about yourself. While we understand that getting dressed up all the time during quarantine is not realistic, we challenge you to do it every now and then. Having a hard time dealing with your emotions or health conditions? Find online support networks that can connect you with others going through the same thing.

4. Disconnecting from social media/news

While we acknowledge the importance of staying up to date on what is happening, it can be a lot. This can sound contradictory to the previous statement about staying connected virtually, but there is a difference between communicating with friends versus endless scrolling through social media. Every day we are bombarded with so much online content and feelings of needing to measure up to others. Try limiting yourself to checking social media only once a day. It can be easy to compare yourself to how others are coping during the pandemic but remember that you are doing your best and you don’t need to prove it to anybody else.

5. Engaging in a favourite hobby

If you are feeling up to it, engage in a hobby that you like or pick up one you may have abandoned in the past. Whether that is something like painting, carpentry, writing, etc. When we perform a hobby that we enjoy, we feel happier and more relaxed. It provides us a way to refocus our energy on something else and engage in something meaningful. Feeling brave? Show members of your household what you did. Everybody deserves to have their skills and abilities acknowledged.

In short, it may seem difficult to stay positive during lockdown. However, by engaging in one or more of the following activities, our hope is that you can find an outlet to manage your emotions and feelings. Our routines and life as we know it have been flipped upside down, so be gentle with yourself, you are stronger than you know! 

Whether you are looking for support for your own mental health at university or supporting a friend, help is available

Carolina Clarke is a recent graduate and copywriter at DMP (Diabetes Management Platform). As lockdown measures continue to drag on and affect mental health, Carolina hopes to share ways to help deal with the isolation felt and maintain a positive attitude during these difficult times.

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