Thursday 8 August 2019

So you have your A-level results...what next? #JustTheStart

Students share how they felt finding out their A-level results - this is #JustTheStart of your journey! 
- Alys Daniels-Creasey

The highly-anticipated moment that’s been looming on the horizon for months is finally here: A-level results day. Some students will be celebrating and some breaking out the box of tissues - whatever your reaction, you won’t be the first to feel the way you do. We took to social media to ask students how they felt on the day and where their results led them...

For some people, this is an amazing day full of celebration. If you got the grades you were hoping for then the relief after such a long wait might take a while to sink in.

‘I was so happy I couldn’t believe it, it felt totally unreal’ - Rachael

After the shock wears off, the concept of going to university suddenly becomes a reality and that can be scary. Apprehension is a normal emotion to feel alongside the excitement - this is exactly what our Know Before You Go guide is here to help with.

For others, results day can throw disappointment into the mix of emotions. Whether you’ve missed out on your top university or haven’t been accepted into any of your choices, the uncertainty in this moment can be unsettling. It can feel like you’re alone: you’re not! So many students have been in this position before and have come out the other side.

A-levels are tough. Much tougher than any exams at university. Even just to get through them makes you a badass’ - Rachel and ‘Even if you don’t get into the uni you wanted, it might turn out for the best!’ - Jess

It’s disheartening to not land a spot at your favourite pick - but if you’re holding an offer at your insurance choice this is still a huge achievement and can lead to an equally amazing, or perhaps even better, university experience.

‘Grades don’t mean everything’ - Ashlee and ‘Not getting the grades I needed for my firm choice wasn’t the end of the world - all unis are much of a muchness, and you can have a good time wherever you end up’ - Grace

And just because you might not have done as well as you hoped in your A-levels, it doesn’t mean you won’t go on to get those high grades.

‘Even when your grades at A-level aren't deemed phenomenal, you can still do amazing things afterwards e.g. top grades at university!’ - Brittany and ‘Results do not define you as a person and you can still succeed at university’ - Grace

If you’re facing no offers, remember…

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the results you wanted. You do have options!’ - Catherine and ‘Whatever happens, there will be options and you will get somewhere you love’ - Lorna

One of those options is applying for a different university or course through Clearing. UCAS has all the information on this.

‘Getting lower than expected grades led me to a Clearing course and a career I love!’ - Bobbi

What’s important is making an informed decision that you’re happy with: you shouldn’t feel pressured to make certain choices but talking to others can give you clarity in deciding what is right for you.

‘It’s helpful to talk through your options with someone so you don’t get overwhelmed’ - Ethan

Times like this can be overwhelming: if you are worried about yourself and need someone to speak to now, Samaritans are open 24/7.

No matter what results are in your envelope today...

‘If you’ve done all you can possibly do, be proud’ - Georgia

Finding out your A-level results is #JustTheStart of a much bigger story. As graduate Carys says, ‘it will all work out eventually’.

Alys has produced content as the Communications Intern at Student Minds, passionate to share student voices in creative and engaging ways. She is going into her second year studying Sociology and sporadically writes about mental health over at

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