Wednesday 20 December 2017

Mental Health over Christmas: Emily

As part of our Christmas blogging series, Emily Maybanks talks about the things she likes to do to relax and keep herself emotionally healthy during the Winter months.
- Emily Maybanks

1. What do you enjoy most about the winter holiday period?

I particularly enjoy writing Christmas cards for my friends and wrapping Christmas presents. I also love going home to spend time with my family and having cuddles with my cat, Marmite. There is a lot of good television at Christmastime, and I love curling up in front of the TV to watch the Christmas episode of EastEnders, or Call The Midwife, whilst reading a good book or doing some writing. 

2. What do you find most difficult during the holidays?

I always find it difficult to cope with my mental health during the winter, especially since my Dad passed away in 2012. Celebrating Christmas has felt slightly weird ever since. In the winter, I tend to find myself feeling more emotional, tearful, exhausted, and lethargic, as well as being less able to cope with University work and becoming physically ill with colds much more easily. 

3. Taking some time out from all the festivities to look after yourself can be really helpful. What do you do to help your mental health during the holidays?

I really love to write and I find it therapeutic, so I try to do as much writing as possible, as well as making sure that I meet up with friends while I’m home for Christmas. This year, I think I’ll be even more fortunate that Ill have the distraction of creating content for my University’s newspaper, for which I am both the Deputy Editor and Creative Writing Section Editor.

4. What present would you give yourself over the holidays?

Over the holidays, I think I would give myself some time to myself to really relax. Especially because I am in my final year of University and it has been a little intense and stressful at times during this semester. 

5. Anything advice for other students?

Christmas can be a really difficult time for many students for a wide range of reasons and that’s okay; make sure to give yourself a break, it can be more helpful to you in the long run.

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My name is Emily (Em). I am currently in my final year studying Modern Languages, Translation & Interpreting at Swansea University, where I'm also the Creative Writing Section Editor and Deputy Editor for The Waterfront - Swansea's student newspaper. I wanted to write for Student Minds because I have experienced depression and anxiety as well as other health issues, and I support friends who have also experienced mental health difficulties. I am also a passionate writer and writing has been important in my mental health experiences - both in helping me to cope with my mental health, as well as sharing my story in order to help others.

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