Thursday 17 August 2017

Mental Health Over the Summer: Emily's Experience

Emily joins the 'Mental Health Over the Summer' blogging series and shares her own story about her summer experiences with mental health difficulties.

- Emily

What do you do to help with your mental health over the summer?

To help with my mental health over the summer, I make sure that I always spend some time each day doing something that I am passionate about, which is writing. The summer is good for this because I can take a notebook into the garden,  and sit in the sun and do some writing  . This summer however, for me, has been really different. Earlier this year, I gained a qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and I’ve had the chance to teach both in Italy and in the UK. These experiences have been really positive for my mental health.

What do you like to do during the summer?

During the summer, I like to spend lots of time writing. The summer is usually the time that I increase my Karate training too. This summer, I have enjoyed teaching English in Italy and in the UK, which has been a really enjoyable and confidence boosting experience for me.

What do you find hardest in the summer?

I find the summer hard because I have too much time to think about and dwell on things. It is also hard because all of my friends live in different areas of the country and it’s difficult to see them very regularly, which. often leads to me feeling lonely.

What differences have you found in your mental health over the summer, compared to when you’re at university?

Before this summer, I have found my mental health to take a dip during the summer holidays because I’m generally on my own and have too much time to think and to worry about everything. When I’m at University, I’m always busy with work and therefore I have less time to worry about things and more distractions. I also have lots of friends at University so it’s a lot easier to see people while I am there, compared to when I am at home during the summer.

Do you have any advice for other students who struggle with their mental health in the summer?

For students who struggle with their mental health during the summer, I would recommend using the time to focus on hobbies or even to start something new, for example, volunteering or an online course or learning a language . It is also good to keep in touch with University friends via social media or arrange to meet up.

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My name is Emily (Em); I am currently studying Modern Languages, Translation & Interpreting at Swansea University. I wanted to write for Student Minds because I have experienced depression and anxiety, and I support friends who have also experienced mental health difficulties. I am also a passionate writer and writing has been important in my mental health experiences. 

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