Saturday 30 December 2023

Winter's Chill vs. Art's Warmth

Dhriti talks about how being creative helps her get through the tough winter blues, especially when she's far from home. 

- Dhriti

Navigating the winter blues can be a real challenge, especially when you are far from home like I am. The days are shorter, the darkness comes early, and December does not quite feel like the party it used to be. Even the festive vibes seem muted, and my birthday month is not as sparkly as it seemed until the year before.

Living alone, that 4 pm sunset isn't just a weather thing; it's like a cover over everything, including my mood. Rolling out of bed for a 9 am lecture? Now that's a mission. Winter has this sneaky way of replacing the usual warmth with an all-encompassing chill.

But here's my secret weapon against the winter gloom: art. Yep, the creative stuff. Writing, singing, meme-making, doodling—these aren't just hobbies; they're my escape routes. They help me battle stress and homesickness, transporting me back to the carefree days of childhood. In this frosty season, my creativity becomes a cosy blanket, a place where the cold cannot touch me.

It is not an easy journey, but it has its own kind of beauty. Each burst of creativity acts like a shield against the dark winter days, a loud "no" to feeling gloomy. As the snow coats everything outside, my creations become my home. They are my internal heater, melting away the loneliness.

Winter blues? Not when there's a colourful song of creativity playing. It's like a dance of emotions breaking through the silence of the long nights.

To defeat the negative feelings that darkness and cold carry, finding something you love is like having a personal lighthouse. Even if it is pitch dark by 4 pm, think of it as a golden opportunity to rest and wait for a fresh start tomorrow. Winter might try to mess with you, but you are tougher than you think.

Connecting with others is the magic trick to feeling less lonely. Look for the good stuff in winter—the sparkly snow and the peace of quiet nights. And remember, just like seasons change, tough times are like winter—temporary. Brighter and warmer days are on the way, just like the sun rays melting those winter blues away.

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I'm an international student pursuing my Masters in Marketing and Brand Management at Nottingham Trent University. I want to share my experiences to let others like me know that they're not alone in feeling lonely during this gloomy and freezing weather while being away from family.


  1. Dhriti, so proud of you... You wrote very well... The way you keeping yourself motivated is simply marvelous... Keep it up...

  2. Very well expressed dhriti... proud of u dear 😘