Saturday 15 April 2023


Madeleine describes the feeling of recovering from poor mental health and the relief it brings.

- Madeleine Chamberlain

Relief pours through my veins 
I feel myself becoming me again 
A thousand colours blended into one 
Fitting together like an imperfect jigsaw  
I think sometimes it takes a blend of grey  
To reach the calm of the night sky  
I feel the shame wash away  
As I rinse my fears with glimmers of hope 
You’re not crazy for feeling the extremes 
Just human

We know that experiencing mental health difficulties at university can feel overwhelming. Explore the support that is available at your university and further.

I'm Madeleine, one of the Sub-Editors of the blog. I thought I would contribute this poem to the blog for National Poetry Month as poetry has helped me sort through many difficult emotions and thoughts. I'm a recent graduate from The University of York with a passion for writing and mental health awareness. 

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