Wednesday 23 June 2021


TW: Eating disorder, bulimia and binge eating 

Linda shares the first poem she ever wrote exploring her issues with food.

- Linda

I have struggled with food for as long as I can remember. As a child, I struggled with binge eating and when I started University, I developed bulimia non-purging. The hardest part of having an eating disorder is telling people. After I developed bulimia, I felt like I needed to. I did not want to be invited out to eat. I did not want to talk about food, dieting, weight and exercise. For many people, these are topics that you do not bat an eyelid about – therefore, asking people “please can we not talk about x” felt unreasonable. 

I struggled with explaining my eating disorder to other people. Many people found it hard to imagine me restricting or excessively exercising as I was always at a “healthy” or overweight BMI. People did not to grasp that my eating disorder is less about food and how I looked, but more about control and trauma. It is completely understandable – it is hard to picture something that you have not experienced. Still, I sometimes felt a bit misunderstood, weird and isolated.

One of the ways that I can explore my issues around food is through poetry. I seem to perfectly sum up how I feel where spoken words fail me. This is the first poem that I wrote about my issues around food. I wrote it at around the age of sixteen reflecting back on my childhood experience with binge eating.


I am obviously FINE!

Not a care in the world.

After all, I am smiling,

laughing hysterically, joking

and quite literally bouncing around,

putting on a good show for the crowd.


Act over, curtains closed

and in the darkness,

I wipe off my smile because secretly,

I am dying. In silence. Within.

My mind wages war persistently –

it demands ‘MORE, MORE, MORE!”

and like a servant, I oblige.

I reason – or rather more, I don’t –

that I can fill the deep dark hole

residing in me with food


But it’s no good; I never feel whole

because I’m perpetually starving! Craving

a self-acceptance, respect and unconditional love

that can never come from food

and that I can never muster enough of

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I am Linda. I am currently studying a MSc at the University of Warwick. I am also a sub-editor for Student Minds. 

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