Friday 3 July 2020

Information Overload: Adjusting to More Digital Communication Since the Pandemic

Michael shares his advice for looking after your wellbeing whilst communicating digitally.

- Michael Priestley

Hi everyone, I’m Michael and I’m the editor of the Student Minds Blog. With the shift to studying and socialising online since the outbreak of Covid-19, I’ve been receiving a lot more digital communications than normal. Whilst this has obviously been a great way to stay connected, it can also present some potential new challenges for looking after our wellbeing. I have found it helpful during this time to identify and assert my own needs and boundaries when communicating digitally on different platforms. Check out my advice on the Student Minds website for
- Using social media since the pandemic, 
- Maintaining socially distanced relationships
- Studying online from home, and 
- Managing anxieties or difficulties on video calls.  

Check out Student Minds Coronavirus Resource Hub for further support. 

I’m Michael and I’m the editor of the Student Minds Blog. I am a PhD student at Durham University studying student mental health and wellbeing. I write for Student Minds to share my own experiences of mental health difficulties and to advocate for change to improve the state of student mental health. 

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