Thursday 25 June 2020

6 Helpful Tips for Wellbeing During Lockdown!

Arabella communicates some of her best advice for improving everyday wellbeing during lockdown, sharing tips about topics involving studying, social media and staying connected!

- Arabella

Due to the changing situation of the world and adjusting to a “new normal”, many of us have experienced more worry than usual, become more aware of our current mental health issues, or are struggling more with our wellbeing. Our mental and physical welfare is crucial for us to look out for to live a happy and well-rounded life, enjoying our experiences and those around us. Because of this, I have compiled a ‘by-no-means comprehensive’ list of helpful advice regarding looking after ourselves and our wellbeing during these ‘crazy times’.

1. Use Social Media Wisely
  • It can be easy to consume endless Coronavirus coverage, so make sure you are taking regular breaks from social media; limiting this time each day will help to give you a better outlook on the current world, as well as ensuring you are not obsessing over the situation. 
  • When you are scrolling through your feed and come across some news, ensure you consult credible sources for information regarding any updates. There are a lot of false and/or exaggerated claims out there, so a good idea is to check the data is coming from a reliable source. 
2. Be a Helper
  • Servicing others is known to be a great mood-booster, so it is good to be aware of those who may be vulnerable during this time. 
  • It is always lovely to hear from someone, especially if the individual is particularly isolated – so it’s a wonderful idea to check in on them by phone, video chat or email! 
3. Stay Connected with Friends
  • Although social-distancing rules are changing all the time, make sure you keep in contact with your friends and loved ones! 
  • You could invite them to do daily tasks together; having virtual company is known to combat isolation and increase feelings of connectedness. 
4. Look After Your Physical and Mental Health
  • It is super important to keep the body moving to process anxiety and to stay healthy. Make sure you are eating healthily and trying to get a bit of exercise every day. 
  • Your mental health is just as important as your physical - meditation and positive thinking can help to focus thoughts and calm your mind (PRO-TIP: check out the app Headspace). 
5. Create a Schedule
  • This is one of the best ways to stay motivated and productive during this time – there has never been a better time to complete all the things you wanted to do, but never had the time! 
  • Sticking to a schedule allows you to get back into a routine and give life some stability during this turbulent time. 
6. Keep up the Learning
  • Doing some studying or learning something new can help to distract you from what is going on in the world, as well as keeping your mind active and working – try setting goals for each day/week and stick to them! 
  • Remember to take regular breaks and make sure you are getting enough sleep (8+ hours) for the optimum functioning brain (PRO-TIP: check out the ‘Pomodoro technique’ of studying, it encourages you to work with the time you have, rather than against it!). 
For more information Student Space is here to make it easier for you to find the support you need during the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information on looking after your mental wellbeing during lockdown, please visit the Student Minds website.

Hiya! I’m Arabella – a 20-year-old redhead currently enjoying her psychology studies at university (but I have actually been learning psychology for nearly eight years)! I have gone through some very tough times whilst studying, but I am sharing my story because I love any opportunity to help others, and let others know that they are NOT alone <3

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