Friday 3 April 2020

Wellbeing Tips and Tricks for the Exam Period

Sonali shares five tips for looking after your wellbeing and revising productively during the exam period. 
- Sonali Bachu 

Even as a 22-year-old, the scariest time of the year for me is exam season. Whether it’s the pressure to perform, severe time constraints, or even the intense hand cramps, believe me- as a Masters’ student, I’ve been through it all. The good news is that I’ve picked up a couple of tips and tricks over the years that help me get through my exams stress-free (well, stress-freeish. But, trust me, these tips are so simple, and can be so effective).

1. Scheduling
As simple as it seems, my first tip is scheduling. Now, this doesn’t have to be complex at all. Sometimes, just simply writing down everything you need to study and creating a revision timetable can make it seem like less of a struggle. Not to mention, embracing the incredible satisfaction of ticking things off your schedule makes you feel in control, and helps efficiently plan your time

There have been times where pursuing my MSc Marketing Master’s course has felt like a scary rollercoaster ride. Like, a ride where you never know when the drop is going to be, but when it comes, you’re zooming down at the speed of light! Scheduling helps me realize and understand that I will eventually make it back up by giving me a solid list of tasks with the exact amount of time I’ll need to complete them. And, at the end of the scary bits, you realize you actually really enjoyed the ride all along.

2. Prioritising
This may seem like I have it backwards, but my second tip is to study the worst first and save the best for last. I find that it’s less stressful to start with the topics you find difficult so that you give it the adequate time you require to concentrate and understand, without the added pressure of time. You will also feel less stressed studying material you understand closer to the exam!

3. Healthy Eating
I don’t know about you, but when it comes to exam season, I’m a huge stress eater. But, stress eating is counter-intuitive as unhealthy snacking drains you of energy and makes you feel sleepy, rather than giving you the energy to study. My tip is to snack a lot, but snack healthy. And, I know, this is way easier said than done, but your body will thank you. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are extremely important brain enhancing foods to help you concentrate and keep you full of energy. 

4. Staying Connected
Reading blogs such as the Student Minds Blog is a constant reminder that I’m not alone and helps me organize my thoughts and workload more efficiently. This is one of my favourite blogs to read because it’s curated by a bunch of students and encourages a community-like feeling. I also recommend checking out Love Learning Tutors Blog for more study tips, help and information; it helped me figure out how I learn best and if learning is enjoyable, it become a joy rather than a chore :) 

5. Taking Breaks
My final and favourite tip is to take breaks, but not at the rate of procrastinating. I like to re-energize my brain by taking timely breaks away from studying and focus on myself. Rewarding yourself with self-care is crucial during exam season. Whether it’s dancing to your favourite song, or getting out and going out for a run, I’ve learned that it’s important to keep your body as active as your brain, and not spend breaks glued to social media to add on to the information overload in your head.

Here's hoping these tiny tips help you crush exam season!

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Hey there! My name is Sonali Bachu and I’m a Post Graduate student currently completing MSc Marketing at the University of Bath. I find exams to be super stressful sometimes, but these tricks help me get through exam season :) 

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