Thursday 23 April 2020

The Three Top Tips from Students for Looking After Your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Michael summarises some key advice from the Student Minds Covid-19 blogging series. 

- Michael Priestley

1. Self-Care 
For advice on practicing self-care and self-compassion during the pandemic, check out:
  • Tony and Alessio’s strategies for easing anxieties and staying positive.
  • Alyssa, Ross, Bryony, and Emily’s tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during lockdown.
  • Heather and Laura’s reflections on practicing self-understanding.
2. Stay Connected 
For advice on staying connected online during isolation and practicing health media and social media strategies, check out:
  • Joe’s reflections on connecting with others.
  • Katie and Sophie’s advice on staying connected whilst also taking breaks from the news and social media.
3. Establish a Routine
Find out more about establishing a routine and adjusting to studying from home from Rhia, Hilary, and Luke.

For more information Student Space is here to make it easier for you to find the support you need during the coronavirus pandemic.

For further information on COVID-19 and looking after your mental health, click here

I’m Michael and I’m the editor of the Student Minds Blog. I am a PhD student at Durham University studying student mental health and wellbeing. I write for Student Minds to share my own experiences of mental health difficulties and to advocate for change to improve the state of student mental health. 

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