Monday 17 June 2019

Ultimate Anxiety: A Job Interview

Adam shares four coping strategies for managing anxiety when going for a job interview. 
- Adam Jones

The thought of a job interview is stressful for anyone – let alone people who suffer with very high anxiety. As a person who both experiences anxiety and recently went to an internship interview, I would like to share some advice for those who may be in similar circumstances. Here are four tips to help control your nerves before and during a job interview:

1. Be Yourself
Firstly, it’s so important to be yourself, despite what tips you are given for job interviews about being confident etc. If you be yourself, it will do both parties a favour because both you and the employer will know if you’re suited to the job or not. There’s no point having a job you’re not suited to, that is likely to make you unhappy. Plus a degree of honesty is always appreciated by potential employers, it can help build a sense of trust between the interviewer and the interviewee. Express yourself, who you are, and what you have to offer.

2. No Pressure: Perseverance and Practice Make Perfect
You also need to remember that you have absolutely nothing to lose. If you come out of that interview and don’t end up getting the job, you haven’t lost anything. In fact, all interviews that you go to are beneficial regardless of the end result. You’ll learn things from every single one that you go to, which will allow you to practice your interview skills for when your next job opportunity comes up. However, if you do get the job, it’ll improve your confidence massively. Whether you get the job or not, keep your head up and keep going! You’ll reap the rewards of your perseverance and hard work in the end.

3. Make A Good Impression
One way of making a good impression and boosting your chances of getting a job is to dress as smart as possible for the interview. That’s why I always go in a suit and tie, no matter what job/internship I’m going for. Not only can dressing up improve your chances of getting the job because of your smart physical appearance, it can help mentally too. It can make you feel a lot more confident going into the interview knowing that you look professional. The journey to your interview can be very nerve racking, so being able to look smart and feel self-confident can be very useful. Bear in mind as well that the interviewer is often trying to impress you too, they could also be nervous meeting a new person.

4. Be Prepared
Another thing that can be useful for the journey to your interview is creating a contingency plan. Sometimes, things don’t exactly go to plan in terms of travel; trains can be unreliable, buses can break down and so can your own car. Having a backup plan with alternative routes of transport is so important when going to an interview, that you’re expected to turn up to on time. Lateness can make a bad impression on your interviewer. To prevent any panic, have a plan. Panicking just before your interview won’t do you any favours!

It can also be good to carry notes of information on the company you’re applying to. Having them on you is a good tool to show why you’re a suitable candidate for the job. It will also show the interviewer how much you want the job, which could be the difference between them choosing you for the job as opposed to an alternative candidate.

What you do before the interview to prepare is just as important as the actual interview itself. This includes both eating and sleeping as well. Whilst you should sleep as much as you can before a big interview, eat the amount of food which YOU are comfortable with. There’s no point in eating a lot of food if you don’t feel well after. Not feeling well and having high anxiety is not a good mix! Preparation is key, do what you’re comfortable with and don’t let other people influence you. 

For any upcoming interviews you may have, good luck. You’ll smash it!

You can find more information and advice on anxiety here

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