Saturday 22 June 2019

5 Ways To Avoid Social Media Addiction

Adam shares five tips for reducing mentally unhealthy social media usage. 
- Adam Jones

More and more people are now using social media platforms. Social media can have both pros and cons, often depending on how you use it and the amount that you use it. Young people are increasingly using social media in mentally unhealthy ways, with some developing social media addictions. This can be a problem because, in excess, social media can lead to psychologically unhealthy thought patterns, whilst also being a challenging environment for people who are going through mental health problems. Even if you do have many followers, social media can sometimes feel a very lonely and isolating place, and encourage you to negatively compare yourself to others.

Here are five ways you can escape the jaws of a social media addiction.

1. Get In The Fresh Air
It can be easy to become attached to staying inside with phones, computers and games consoles at your fingertips. However, when was the last time you went out to get some fresh air? It can have numerous purposes, allowing you to clear your head when you need to and get away from social media. Exercise is also very important. A healthy body = a healthier mind. This is why going for a run or a walk, if you have the time and strength to do it, is so useful to have as part of your routine.

2. Utilise Screen Time
Apple have installed features within their iPhones to help people manage how long they spend on their phone. Users now can enable app limits and downtime so they can stay away from certain apps for a period of time. Whilst the prospect of not using certain apps for a period of time may not sound appealing, it could help you manage your social media use, whilst also helping you to be more productive, as you won’t constantly be receiving notifications.

Even if you don’t implement these restrictions, screen time reports are available within the iPhone settings app so that you can see how much time you spend on your phone, and on what apps. This can allow you to set targets in terms of reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone.

3. Call/Meet Friends Instead Of Messaging Them
It’s strange that even calling someone on your mobile phone seems to have become old-fashioned. It’s now far more common to text/message someone instead. Hearing someone’s voice is psychologically and emotionally important. It can help you get out of the habit of just messaging people, whilst preventing you from feeling isolated amidst the social media whirlwind. It’s even more beneficial if you meet your friends as well as calling them. Spending time with friends face to face is so important. No matter how you use social media, my advice would be to never lose that face to face contact with people.

4. Be More Productive
By spending less time on social media, you can also have more time to update your CV or build your professional profile to help enhance your career path. It’s essential that you get the balance between work and play right. Whilst you may want to work hard, ensure that you do use social media to your advantage. For example, you have the ability to promote your work on social media. This could help you change the way you use social media. 

5. If It’s Serious, Get Help
Gaming addictions are now recognised as a psychological problem. You may think that excessive use of social media is not necessarily an addiction. However, the problem may be more serious than you think. If you’re in doubt, speak to friends and family. It could also be a good idea to seek external advice, help and support from doctors, addiction specialists or counsellors if you feel like the problem is getting too much. Don’t be afraid to speak out about these things, people are here to help. 

Hello! My name is Adam. I study Journalism and Media Production (BA Hons) at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Being a keen blogger and having several experiences during my academic studies, I hope that I can help people along the way whilst enjoying writing for you

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  1. Brilliant tips. Particularly love the point about maintaining face to face contact. At university most people have friends just a few streets down, so there's no need to resort to text messaging. Thanks for sharing!