Monday 18 June 2018

Tips for Chinese Students coming to UK

This blog is written by a Chinese student who would like to share their experience with other Chinese students about coming to the UK to study.

In recent years, the number of Chinese students coming to the UK for Masters study has increased dramatically. I, as a Chinese student have been studying at the University of Edinburgh for 4 years, want to share my experiences with the incoming Chinese students regarding keeping your mental health in good condition while studying in the UK.

A year abroad is an experience that seems to end as quickly as it started. But for this whole year, you will be away from your family and friends, which may be tough. Therefore, it is important that you understand the social situation and living atmosphere while you are choosing the university, so you can come to the UK physically and mentally prepared.

Here are some tips which might be useful for keeping your mental health in good condition while studying in the UK:

1. Choose accommodation wisely

The first thing to think about before you come to the UK is to find an appropriate accommodation for yourself. Most universities in the UK provide accommodation for the first year Masters students and as far as I am concerned, it is the best choice for most of the students, especially for the Chinese students who are studying abroad for the first time.

If you do plan to rent a flat outside of the university, make sure you go through the process from credible authority. It is always recommended to live with one or two flatmates as you can help each other out in your life abroad.

2. Understand the living skill

The education system in UK universities are quite different from the Chinese ones. In the UK, you need to learn the skill of studying as well as taking care of yourself in your daily life. So, it is important that you learn some basic living skills before you come to study here, such as cooking.
A good study and living habit will also help you keep your mental health in good condition.

3. Find a good balance for your study life

It is always important to work hard during your time here, but it is also important to keep yourself away from feeling too much pressure from your studying. Although it is very normal to get stressed over exams or deadlines, it's not good to let the study pressure take over your life. Your mental health is much more important than getting a good grade. Therefore, you need to focus on getting yourself well, happy, and in the right emotional state to continue working while studying abroad.

4. Always look for help

It can be very easy to get stressed due to work or study while you’re abroad, and as a result you may feel very lonely. It is always better if you can to try and talk to someone else, such as your friends or family members when you are feeling in bad mood.
You can even visit the mental health website or call the night line for a bit of support too. You are definitely not alone, and I am sure there are so many people that are very willing to help you out.

Hi, I'm Ethan. I'm currently a PhD student study engineering in University of Edinburgh and wanted to share some my own experience and give some tips to Chinese student who are coming to study in UK regarding how to keep mental health in good condition when they study abroad.

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