Thursday 14 September 2017

I got involved with Student Minds because...

Our Steering Group & Volunteers share why they got involved with Student Minds. 
- Student Minds Steering Group 

"I supported a friend experiencing eating difficulties at university and I didn't know where to go or who to talk to about how to support a friend. I was put in touch with Student Minds and loved the message they were sending out and how nurturing the charity is."

"I did not want students to feel as alone and unable to speak out like I did when I was going through depression and anxiety at university, so I set up a Student Minds campaigns group. This was an essential part of my journey with my own mental health and allowed me to create a community on my campus where it was okay to talk about mental health."

"What I appreciated the most when I have been going through difficult times is someone who would just listen and encourage, being there but not trying to ‘solve’ you - I saw this was Student Minds approach and it really appealed to me so I got involved."

"I wanted to give others the opportunity to voice how they were feeling in an accepting environment. When I found things difficult my friends and school didn't really know what to do - I didn't want others to experience this so I became a volunteer for Student Minds."

"The prevalence of mental health difficulties in the LGBTQ+ community is something that needs more attention, I wanted to support a charity that is making a positive change."

"I got involved on a whim, not thinking I could make a difference, but I flourished and the most rewarding things has been being able to use my experience of mental health difficulties to help others and work out what recovery is for me."

"Friends and family of mine have experienced eating difficulties, and I felt both them and myself at times lacking support and guidance. I saw how a friend of mine left university due to her mental health difficulties and thought that any extra support I could be involved in creating was very worthwhile."

"I wanted to do more to help people, I found myself a natural source of support for my peer group and I wanted to do this in a safe way."

"In my third year, after a difficult time with my mental health at university previously I began to feel a part of something bigger, part of the student community and part of Student Minds. I wanted to be able to make a difference and help others get through what I had."

Steering Group Weekend 2017

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