Thursday 6 July 2017

Do you want to go to a Summer Fete that openly supports mental health?

Angela and Andrew are holding a Student Minds Summer Fete to raise awareness of student mental health, raise money for Student Minds and most importantly for people to have fun!  
- Andrew Morbey and Angela Hulbert

Have you ever wanted to go to a summer fete that openly supports mental health? Then look no further because on the 6th of August a Student Minds Summer Fete is coming to Clapham Common, London. This will be a day packed full of fun. There will be 6 hours of touch rugby, henna, facepaints, a raffle, some traditional summer fete games and more, all in the name of Student Minds.

This is a day that is being organised by Andrew and Angela, two fundraising champions who passionately believe in raising awareness about mental health. But why exactly are we doing this?  After both being affected by mental illness there are stories behind our passion:

Angela: “4 years ago my life turned upside down as my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the prospect of possibly losing her, left me suffering with depression and anxiety and as a means to cope I began to self-harm. After a while spent in a rut I eventually began recovery and whilst it was a long process 2 years later I realised that I wanted to turn my negative experience into one that could empower others. I created my blog and my journey as a mental health advocate began. Being a Fundraising Champion is allowing me to meet new people who are just as passionate as I am and together we are all helping to remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness.”

Andrew: “After waking up one morning 8 years ago and not knowing whether I could physically get out of bed, I began ignoring the other classic signs of depression. I spent 2 months hiding these feelings from my parents, until I came home from school crying. There is no real cause for my depression, maybe genes, my subconscious or perhaps chemical imbalances, but it’s something I’ve had to accept. It’s taken me a while come to grips with. But since joining the Student Minds Fundraising Champions, I’ve found new confidence in being open about my mental health and a close group of friends I can just chat to. I have also found people just like me who are passionate about making a difference removing the mental health stigma.”

We really hope you will join us for not only fun but also this educating and stigma reducing day. If you would like to keep up to date about the event then you can do so by liking our event page .

We hope to see you there.
Angela and Andrew

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