Friday 19 May 2017

We love being on the Student Minds Blog Editorial Team!

The Student Minds Blog Editorial Team have spent the past year editing and publishing students' stories about mental health at university. Meet the team, and apply to join the new Editorial Team for 2017-18.
- The Editorial Team 2016-17

In my role I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with new people; this includes the sub-editors, Student Minds staff and the inspirational bloggers. Being on the team for a year I’ve learnt lots of different skills from making the newsletters to working better in a team. I’ve loved being the Editor for the Student Minds Blog mainly as I’ve enjoyed reading and sharing our bloggers’ posts. I can relate to the isolation and stigma which comes in hand with poor mental health having experienced this during my time at university, the blog removes this stigma and helps people realise they aren’t alone; I look forward to this continuing with our new team. - Beth (Editor)

Being on the editorial team has affected me in ways I didn't expect. People shared close, personal stories with me, and whilst editing them well felt like a lot of responsibility, it was incredibly eye-opening and I found myself being repeatedly inspired by the journeys people had undergone. Bloggers were often so grateful - so being an editor, being able to publish their stories, really felt like I was making a change to someone's day. Not just this, but I've noticed my editing skills have improved dramatically, and I feel much more accomplished as a writer - which certainly came in handy during the last year of an English degree! - Rhiannon

Although I’ve only been a part of the Editorial Team for a short time, it has already been a great experience. I have really enjoyed reading the brilliant blogs which people have sent to us, and having the opportunity to edit them and get them published is such a privilege! Furthermore, editing other people’s work has given me a greater understanding as a writer of the decisions that editors make when they edit my work. To top it all off, the existing Student Minds team made me feel very welcome when I joined. - Jasmine

I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as a sub-editor for Student Minds! I am grateful for the opportunity I had to use my experience of mental health to help others, and make something that was so negative into something positive. I have enjoyed interacting with others and being part of this inspiring project! - Chloe

Want to join the Editorial Team and help students write about their experiences of mental health? We're looking for students to join the Editorial Team for 2017-18 - apply here by 28th May 2017!

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