Wednesday 3 May 2017

Meet our Fundraising Champions: Jessica

Fundraising Champion Jess writes about her experience as a fundraiser and why she decided to get involved with Student Minds. 
- Jessica Mell

My name is Jessica Mell and I am currently studying Nutrition and Public Health at Sheffield Hallam University. Like most people, my life has not exactly been the smooth ride that I hoped for, but I have not let that get in the way of pursuing the activities that I love such as travelling and spending treasured moments with friends and family. When I say that my life has not exactly been the smooth ride I hoped for, at that difficult time, I never anticipated that it would shape the career goals and personal ambitions that I find myself striving for today.

Why did you choose to become a fundraiser for Student Minds?
When I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in January 2015, I did not think that the suffering I was going through would lead to such positive outcomes that I am benefitting from today. Some people like to forget about difficult moments in their life, which I can completely understand, but for me it has led to activities such as blogging about my eating disorder, founding Sheffield Hallam SU Student Minds, volunteering for Healthwatch and now being a Fundraising Champion for Student Minds!

What do you enjoy the most about fundraising?
Fundraising has always been an activity I have enjoyed throughout my childhood. The idea of organising an event, bringing together communities and raising money for worthy charities in order for them to continue supporting those in need is something I find incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. Therefore, when I saw the opportunity to become a Fundraising Champion for Student Minds, I could not type out the application quick enough. I have used the charities online resources since starting university and have been overwhelmed by the support they have available- and I wanted to help them continue that fantastic work. 

How did you feel after your first fundraiser?
My first fundraiser as a Champion was taking part in Student Colour Run Sheffield 2017. It was so much fun! Although, I am still scrubbing my shower tray in my accommodation to remove the engrained purple tint! Receiving donations from my amazing friends and family to take part in the event and watching the funds creep up was so pleasing. It has given me the encouragement I need to organise another event that will encourage involvement from the public to ensure that everyone benefits from my fundraising activities and has a bit of fun! 
"Jess post Colour Run"

What are you planning on doing for your next fundraiser?
I am planning on hosting a Quiz Night at my local pub and possibly a coffee morning over the summer. Hopefully I will be sharing some successes in the near future!

What would your top tip be for someone who is thinking of fundraising for Student Minds?
My top tip for fundraising for Student Minds would be to share your passion for the organisation. If people know how much this charity means to you, they will support your events! But most of all enjoy it! Fundraising is such a great thing to do and develops so many skills- push your boundaries and get stuck in! 

Our Fundraising Champions are volunteers who actively fundraise for Student Minds, champion the importance of fundraising for student mental health and raise awareness. Find out more about our Fundraising Champions here.

Want to get involved with fundraising for Student Minds? Check out our page here.

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