Wednesday 12 April 2017

Meet the Student Minds Team!

Student Minds is currently recruiting a Volunteer Officer, Equality Improvement Officer and Programme Development Manager. To find out more about these positions and to apply visit

As staff recruitment for the charity opens, the Student Minds team talk about their experiences as part of the charity, the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme and life in Oxford.

Krishna, Internal Communications Officer
I have had the pleasure of working with Student Minds for almost 3 and a half years from the varying perspectives of a student, campaigner, intern and employee. As a charity, Student Minds focuses on the mental well being of not just hundreds of students and volunteers across the country, but also the individuals within the charity. It is amazing to be part of such a caring, open and passionate team that made my move to Oxford much less scary!

Nicholas, Digital and Campaigns Manager
The main things that made me so excited to work for Student Minds were the thought of getting a chance of doing a varied job with lots of responsibility, being able to work closely with students at a grass-roots level and staying connected to the people we're supporting. I've learned a huge amount, from the ongoing support and skills sharing within the team and training from Worthwhile. It's been fantastic working at Student Minds, the team have been incredible to work with and inspire me every day!

Emily, Peer Support Manager
My time with Student Minds has been exciting, challenging, varied, inspiring... (the list goes on!). I’ve been working directly with volunteers for almost two years and being able to support passionate and motivated volunteers who are working to transform the state of student mental health across the UK is very rewarding.  Working within a such a collaborative, supportive and open team in the surrounds of beautiful Oxford is a real privilege.

Grace, Fundraising Officer 

I have been involved with Student Minds for 3 years; from a blogger, to a campaigner, to now working as part of the national team. Since joining in August I have found it very easy to settle in, the team are very supportive, friendly and welcoming. On our first day we were given a list of fun things to do in Oxford which was great, it really is a beautiful town. Working with the staff team, volunteers and our network to transform the state of student mental health is really empowering. I feel very lucky to be around such passionate, empathetic and inspiring individuals everyday!

Rosie, CEO 
It's a great time to be working in mental health. There's much to be done, and real appetite across the health and education sector to learn more about how we improve support for young people experiencing difficulties and do more on the prevention end. For me, it's the combination of the inspiring work and the opportunity to collaborate with such committed staff, volunteers and experts which makes Student Minds such a fulfilling and motivating place to work. I can't wait to find out who will be joining us on the next part of our journey as we look to implement our 3 year strategy. If you're not sure whether to put in that application I encourage you to go for it, we look at candidates as individuals not a number, and would love to hear from you - good luck!

Eleri, Head of Operations
I’ve absolutely loved my time with Student Minds so far, working with such an enthusiastic and motivated team is a real pleasure. I’ve enjoyed seeing team members gain in confidence and develop in their roles. Working for a small organisation means you can have real responsibility and input, developing a wide range of skills. I’m excited about where the next few years will take the charity and for what we can achieve. I look forward to working with individuals who can help us realise our goals and accomplish even more to support student mental health.

Amelia, Training Programmes Officer
Working at Student Minds and being on the Worthwhile grad scheme has been the greatest opportunity after university that I could have hoped for. Working closely with students and staff across the UK, every day is different and exciting. I have been challenged, trusted and valued - taking control on various projects and learning constantly through extensive training and my role. The team is friendly, supportive and uplifting and we are in such a fantastic location, I couldn't ask for more.

Elly, Training Programmes Officer 
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Student Minds this year. Working with such a motivated and supportive team in the centre of the beautiful city of Oxford makes me excited to come into work every day. The main aspect of my role involves training university staff and it's so rewarding to see their knowledge and confidence around supporting student mental health increase during our training sessions. Student Minds is doing amazing work and there's never been a better time to get involved with transforming the state of student mental health.

Rachel, Policy Manager
Leaving the uni bubble and stepping into the working world has been a massive learning curve, challenging at times, but also incredibly refreshing.  I felt very fortunate to be a part of the Worthwhile Scheme - the training allowed me learn new approaches to challenges at work, and hear from other people doing similar things. Being a part of a cohort of graduates is a great way to start your career in the charity sector - with an emphasis on open-minded collaboration and support.

Want to find out more...?
We are currently recruiting a Volunteer Officer, Equality Improvement Officer and Programme Development Manager. To find out more and to apply visit here. To learn more about what Student Minds does, take a look at our latest Annual Report.

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