Wednesday 1 March 2017

Dancing helps me to switch off from external stresses and relax

Izzy is a psychology student at Nottingham Trent University. She talks about her experience dancing and how this helps  keep her calm and allows her not to stress. 

- Izzy, Nottingham Trent University

In terms of my experiences of physical and mental health, dance helps as it offers me personally a chance to clear my head and de-stress. I find that after I have been to dance I feel happier and more content.

"I'm active for my mental health because it keeps me calm, allows me not to stress"

In terms of NTU Dance, we have Social and Wellbeing Officers, along with myself, who have undergone mental health training from the university. They are always available for anyone to talk to and at the end of every term we do a feedback session, aiming to offer individuals another opportunity to express any concerns which they have. 

I am taking part in the University Mental Health Day video as I think it needs to be made clearer to students who they can talk to in terms of mental health, and what is an available route for them to take within university to help them tackle their issues.

"It does encourage people to feel a bit more comfortable because they know they have got the support out there"
Izzy's story is one of a series of Active Mental Health stories, collected by Student Minds for University Mental Health Day 2017. To find watch or read more, visit our Active Mental Health stories page!

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