Friday 2 September 2016

Why we love being on the blogging editorial team?

The Blogging Editorial team discuss why they have enjoyed volunteering for the Student Minds Blog this past year.

-Student Minds Blogging Editorial Team

This role has been rewarding in more ways than one; it has allowed me to read so many inspirational stories, be in contact with amazing people and build my existing skills and knowledge. Hands on heart I wish that I did not have to hand the position over to someone else. However, I can’t wait for a fresh team to work on the Blog and help it grow whilst having the amazing experience that I was blessed with. I really do recommend getting involved with the Student Minds Blog whether that is as a part of the Blogging Team or as a Blogger, the power of storytelling really is something that I want you to learn first hand how amazing it can be - Grace

I am happy I have been able to share my experiences with a nation of students that may be able to identify with my mental health problems and issues or triumphs as a student. Being a sub-editor was a real privilege and not only gave me valuable insight into how running a large popular blog works, but also helped me feel like I played a big part in a larger campaign to raise awareness of the good that peer support and sharing your own story can do for others. It's been a wonderful experience and I encourage any student to get involved in the blogging experience with Student Minds as soon as they can!- Lottie Naughton

It was a fab experience and really interesting and comforting to read about people's first hand experiences of mental health. The most rewarding part of being a subeditor is being able to help people produce a piece of work they're proud of as its so personal to them and important for them to share their story. - Becky McCerery

For me the thing I've enjoyed the most about being an editor is getting to hear from so many people about their stories and experiences. Before I became editor I had no idea about the sheer volume of people who wrote in and it's emphasised for me really how powerful blogging can be and how it can act as a voice for people where they may not be heard anywhere else. - Rose Liddell

Being a member of the blogging team has been a really enjoyable experience, you feel part of a little community together, and it is so rewarding helping people to get their stories and voices out there. - Hope Butler

Being on the blogging team allows you to write about your experiences as a student and realise how far you have come through pretty a stressful time of your life. It also gives you the chance to read about the experiences of others going through the exact same issues and this can really help you focus on how to deal with them yourself. - Sophie Rees

Working as a sub editor for the Student Minds Blog couldn't be anymore awarding than it is. - Jessica McKenzie

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