Thursday 5 May 2016

Meet the Student Minds team!

Student Minds is currently recruiting a Head of Operations and two graduate roles. To find out more about these positions and to apply visit

As staff recruitment for the charity opens, the Student Minds team talk about their experiences as part of the charity, the Worthwhile Graduate Scheme and life in Oxford.

PictureVicky, Head of Volunteering

For a number of years I have wanted to be part of a team working towards positive change. Joining Student Minds, I was excited to be involved with a variety of national projects and to support our incredible volunteers to do amazing things at their university. I have had so many amazing opportunities with Student Minds, allowing me to grow as an individual whilst being part of an incredibly supportive, dedicated and enthusiastic team and doing work around a cause that is very close to my heart.

PictureEmily, Volunteer Support Officer

On a day to day basis I support our national network of volunteers to break down stigma, increase awareness and run peer support groups on their university campus. Being part of the Worthwhile community has really enriched my year; I am surrounded by passionate, motivated and compassionate individuals not only at work but on a wider basis too. Plus, Oxford is a lovely place to live – it is all too easy to get accustomed and forget but now and then I do take a mindful moment to look up and think – ah yeah, nice!

PictureNush, Projects and Relationships Officer

Being part of a young charity has been the most exciting thing for me- there is a really sense of working in a team when you can collectively decide on the direction a charity should be taking. For Student Minds itself, working with a staff team that is so dedicated to improving student mental health has allowed me to cultivate a perspective of 'care' that has changed my view on other aspects of my life. With the work we do, it has given me to opportunity to understand what it truly means to listen and support someone, what is means to be open with other and how to be open- minded.

PictureRachel, Networks Development Officer for Student Minds and The University Mental Health Advisers

Leaving the uni bubble and stepping into the working world has been a massive learning curve, challenging at times, but also incredibly refreshing. The induction I received on starting was really thorough, supportive and really helped me settle into the team. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Worthwhile Scheme - the training allows me learn new approaches to challenges at work, and hear from other people doing similar things. Being a part of a cohort of graduates is a great way to start your career in the charity sector - with an emphasis on open-minded collaboration and support.

Nicholas, Digital and Campaigns Manager

The main things that made me so excited to work for Student Minds were the thought of getting a chance of doing a varied job with lots of responsibility, being able to work closely with students at a grass-roots level and staying connected to the people we're supporting. I've learned a huge amount at Student Minds, both from the ongoing support and skills sharing within the team and in monthly training sessions from the Worthwhile grad scheme. My role has been flexible and fast moving, so I've been able to take on lots of responsibilities outside just my job description. It's been fantastic working at Student Minds, the team have been incredible to work with and inspire me every day!

PictureKrishna, Team Assistant

I have had the pleasure of working with Student Minds for over 2 years from the varying perspectives of a student, campaigner, intern and employee. As a charity, Student Minds focuses on the mental well being of not just hundreds of students and volunteers across the country, but also the individuals within the charity. It is amazing to be part of such a caring, open and passionate team that made my move to Oxford much less scary!

Want to find out more...?

Student Minds is currently recruiting a Head of Operations and two graduate roles. To find out more about these positions and to apply visit

You can also read about our Chief Executive Officer Rosie and her life at Student Minds via the guardian article ‘What I’ve learned as a young charity CEO.’

To learn more about what Student Minds does, take a look at the Annual Report. It includes information about the development of Student Minds’ university groups, the Positive Minds programme and the launch of exciting training programmes and partnerships.

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