Friday 18 September 2015

Welcome to Freshers’

 Sophie writes about how she overcame the challenges of meeting new people during freshers’ week whilst still living at home. 
 - Sophie Rees

It’s that time of year again. It is mid-September, everyone is settling into their accommodations, getting their first lecture timetables, and having masses of fun meeting tons of new people wherever they go.

Freshers’ season is upon us and it is all super exciting around every university. For me, freshers’ was one of the most important and exciting weeks of University life. I got to know the people I would be studying my subject with for the next three or more years.

Of course, everyone will have a unique experience of this season as a new student, in a new place, often living away from home, and taking all responsibility of looking after yourself and your studies.
Freshers’ can be a good opportunity to make new friends who share your thoughts and opinions. This way you can all bond and help each other out whilst you’re settling in, talk to each other about your studies, and enjoy uni life together.

As a student living at home whilst studying, I found the experience of freshers’ both exciting and daunting. Everyone else seemed to already know each other from living at student halls either with or near each other, which therefore meant they also knew their way around the university better than me.

What was really helpful was that my subject school were hosting a welcome party for first years to meet one another, personal tutors and module lecturers.  After being invited to this rather welcoming event, I decided to part from my usual shy and quiet self in order to meet the amazing people I now study my favourite subject with.

I remember approaching the doors to the room of the event and hearing the buzz of everyone talking.  Feeling unbelievably nervous, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t have the guts to go up to any of the already blossoming friendship groups and start to join in. I then thought ‘No, I’d like to get to know these people. They all seem so friendly and interesting.’ and so I quickly walked in and went straight to the table of food, allowing myself time to adjust to the busy atmosphere.

As I finished serving my plate full of delicious food, I had a quick look around the room and I almost thought I didn’t know anyone. However, I looked slightly to my left where a group of girls were sat on cafĂ© stools and recognised one of them as a Facebook friend I had just made prior to freshers’ week, because we were studying the same subject.

I remembered that I had actually got on quite well with her during our Facebook chats when we were both preparing for this week, so I walked over and said hey. All of a sudden she recognised me and said ‘Oh!  You must be Sophie!’ and I received a huge comforting hug from her. It made me feel instantly welcome and she then immediately introduced me to a large number of other students. Within an hour we were laughing, seeing if we were in the same lectures as each other, talking about where we’re from, and even exchanging phone numbers. We were having an awesome time and I didn’t want it to end. I felt like I could have talked to them all night and I eventually went home, feeling happy, welcome and ready to begin a new chapter of my life at university.

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