Saturday 11 October 2014

ReCover - Editor's Note

- Sophie North, Editor of ReCover

Student Minds is a charity that aims to work with and for students, providing the time, space and resources to help people start talking about student mental health in a safe, supportive environment. We work with student volunteers up and down the country to campaign for more focus to be put on student mental health, and help students to set up and run open access support groups at their universities, providing informal peer-to-peer support when students need it. We think that encouraging students to talk to their peers is a positive thing, that conversation helps to break down stigma. Moreover, we believe that talking changes lives.

Developing ReCover is an extension of this belief; it provides us with a platform to keep both students and volunteers up to date with news, developments and musings in the field of mental health. We hope that ReCover will be able to inform a wider audience about the work that we are doing with students and universities across the country.

As ever, special mention goes to all of our contributors for their thoughts and their enthusiasm. Without their time and effort, ReCover could not happen.

If you’ve not yet read the first issue of ReCover, then you can read it here! We’re really proud of the first two issues, but we need your help to keep ReCover going. If you’re interested in writing something for the third issue, please do get in touch via email:

For now, I’ll let you get reading. But before I do, I’ll say this: please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter with your thoughts – we love to hear them! And keep an eye on our social media sites for exciting Student Minds updates and events.

Happy reading!


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