Friday 19 September 2014

Freshers' week at the University of Nottingham - 2

- Freya Cumming-Webb, Campaign Group Leader at Nottingham Student Minds

19th September

Today on our facebook and twitter we’ve been asking what our followers wished they’d known in fresher’s week (or Week One as we call it at Nottingham). I think the thing I wish I’d known was quite simply ‘it will be ok’, it might not feel like it at times but there are things to do, people to meet and lots of support to fall back on if need be. Instead I think I spent a large part of my first week at university worrying about plagiarism rules! I was very lucky and found good friends, who I’ve since lived with, only a few doors away in my hall.

That won’t be the same for everyone but I think it does prove that most people can get on with most people. Think back to your friends at school, your best friends may well have been in your randomly assigned form groups and through time spent together, doing the same things friendship was formed. Now, I’m not suggesting everyone finds their best friends in hall, or that forcing yourself to do something you know you don’t enjoy with people will create friendship, but the duration of your course, not just the first week will be a series of experiments and pushing yourself. With hundreds of societies from sky diving to knitting, in a university of thousands of people you will find things you enjoy and your future best friends…quite simply it will be ok.

…but I haven’t found my niche yet, it doesn’t feel ok?!

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