Wednesday 19 February 2014

10 Ways To Get Involved...

1. Train to run a group or course:

Eating Disorder Support Groups: our eating disorder groups provide support and encouragement to students with eating disorders. The groups maintain a positive, pro-recovery focus and offer a confidential space to talk about life, university and whatever helps you keep your life on track.

Positive Minds Course: a six-week course for students with mild depression, covering topics such as building a support network, establishing healthy routines and exploring different relaxation techniques.

Supporting Supporters Course: a two-part workshop for those supporting a friend or family member with an eating disorder.

If you would like to set up a support programme on your campus, take a look at our website here.


2. Campaign for change:

Lobby on a cause you're passionate about and have your voice heard! We support a network of student-led campaign societies at 25 universities across the UK. Take a look at our website to find your nearest group. We offer training and support to all of our campaign groups - here are some clips from this year’s Student Minds campaign training! See below for further information for three upcoming campaigns which you might like to get involved in...

Look After Your Mate: We are developing an interactive online resource to encourage and support students to look out for their friends, covering everything from approaching difficult conversations to self-care. To ensure the campaign is focused on students’ experiences we need your stories! Tell us about how you have looked after a mate, or how a mate has looked out for you: you can share your story or find out about submitting a video blog here.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week: To mark EDAW 2014 we will be publishing a report on the effect of university transitions on access to eating disorder treatment and support. Following on from this, we will be launching a national campaign to call for integrated support for university students both at home and at university. More information coming soon!

Love Your Body: We want to get people talking about the things they love about their bodies, so why not start a conversation with your friends, share the campaign on Twitter or download our ‘love your body’ poster to start your own campaign on campus.

Love Your Body

3. Become a mentor:

Do you have experience that our volunteers could benefit from? Whether this is running a support group, campaigning or leading a team, it is always helpful for our volunteers to have support in developing their skills, problem solving and running a great project. See here to find out more about becoming a mentor for Student Minds.

4. Come along to our conference

We will be holding our fourth annual conference on 7th & 8th March - join us to find out more about the key challenges facing student mental health today. For more info and to register, see here.

5. Run an event or fundraiser:

Take a look at our fundraising pack, which includes lots of tips and advice on running a successful event.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 21.49.02

6. Join our blogging team

Take a look through our blog for articles on university life and mental health. If you would be interested in joining our blogging team, go to our website for more information on how to get involved.

7. Send us your recipes:

Student Minds runs ‘The Kitchen’ recipe blog to provide quick & easy recipes for students and to support individuals in recovery from an eating disorder. We’d love your contributions to the project!

Body Gossip

8. Run your own Body Gossip On Tour event:

Body Gossip challenges common perceptions of body image, promoting the recognition and acceptance of natural bodies. Find out more about taking part in the project here.

9. Stay in the loop:

Sign up to our mailing list and join in the conversation on social media: follow us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

10. Start a conversation about mental health:

Take a look at this article on having the confidence to talk.

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