Wednesday 2 October 2013

Settling Into University Part Two: How To Overcome Homesickness

According to NUS, around half of students experience homesickness, which means that you’re very much not alone. Here are some ideas to help you settle in and enjoy the university experience…

  • Listen to music – moving into my own room at university for the first time, I found that it look me a while to get used to the silence (probably something to do with the family of six and boisterous puppy I was used to back home!) Music was always the best way to fill the silence and you’d very rarely enter my room without something on in the background.

  • Wear cozy clothes – this may sound crazy, but a pair of slippers and a big thick jumper really can make you feel better! I’ve occasionally been known to wear two jumpers at once, but sometimes one just isn’t enough and being toasty warm always seems to cheer me up :)

  • Do something familiar – read a favourite book or re-watch an old TV series.

  • Make yourself a hot drink in your favourite mug. Happiness guaranteed.


  • Look after yourself – eat good food, get lots of sleep and wander outside to get some fresh air every now and again!

  • Keep busy – as much as possible, fill your time with plenty of different activities and take the opportunity to try new things. The more you spend time around other people, the less you are able to dwell on your thoughts, and chances are that the simple act of going out and doing things will help you feel more positive.

  • Join a club or society – learn something new, meet a different group of people and make a regular commitment to doing something you enjoy.

  • Spend some time turning your room into a cozy space that you’ll enjoy spending time in. Here are a few ideas…

    • Hang up posters. These are a great way to make your room feel your own and inject a bit of personality. I usually had some combination of Mr Men, Paddington Bear and Winnie-the-Pooh – not sure what that says about me?

    • Fairy lights make a room feel so snug! (Ok, so this could be a girl thing). I spent four years being envious of my best friend’s fairy lights and finally got round to asking for some last Christmas - no regrets!

    • Blankets & cushions are a must, especially in winter.

    • Put up lots and lots of photos!


So look after yourself, keep busy and have fun turning your new room into a haven of blankets and cushions :) If you have any questions or would like to share some tips of your own, please do comment below or drop me an email at

Next up: managing your workload.

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