The Student Minds blog is the UK’s biggest blog dedicated to student mental health and university life. The blog provides an open, caring and inclusive place to read and share students' experiences of living with mental health difficulties. By telling your stories and sharing tips and advice, you can help show other students that they are not alone, recovery is possible and you can still succeed at university despite experiencing mental health difficulties. 

How do I write for the Student Minds Blog?
Visit our Write For The Blog page to share your blog on our online form. If you are not sure what to write about get in touch. You can email the student editorial team (blog@studentminds.org.uk) throughout the year to receive individual guidance on writing your blog or to share your ideas. Alternatively, we have a Facebook group for bloggers and blog newsletter where you can find updates on any blogging series or particular content we are looking to receive.

What happens after I submit my blog? 
You will be assigned a sub-editor who will work with you to ensure that your blog is safe and that you are confident with the final publication, before it goes live.

Do I need to share my name?
If you wish to remain anonymous or to publish your blog under a pseudonym that is absolutely fine, please inform your sub-editor. You can also choose if you would like your full name published or just your first name, and whether or not to include a photograph of yourself at the end of your blog.

I do not have a diagnosed mental illness, can I still write for you?
Of course! Our blog covers a range of issues relating to student life and wellbeing, which affects every single student, not just those with a diagnosed mental illness. We also accept blogs about supporting friends or loved ones. Check out the topic list for writing inspiration.

I am not a student – can I still write for you?
Recent graduates are welcome to write for us. We only publish blogs by those with experience of higher education and/or mental health difficulties, or those with experience of supporting someone with difficulties. We do not advertise any external parties apart from when we work on campaigns with external organisations.

I am worried about saying the wrong thing, or not being very good at writing... 
Our blogging guidelines contain useful information to ensure that readers of your blog are not negatively affected, and check out useful advice for submitting a winning blog. However, please do not worry too much at this stage about saying the wrong thing or submitting a blog to us with potentially triggering content. The editorial team are trained to spot and rephrase areas of the blog which might be distressing for others to ensure it is safe before publication. Your sub-editor will also offer comments and suggestions to improve your writing.

I have published my blog elsewhere, can I still share it on Student Minds?
Yes, of course! Although it may be altered slightly by the editorial team for our publication. If you write a piece for us and wish to publish it on your personal blog, please mention that you have written the blog for Student Minds and link to the blog.

I still have a question...
Email us at blog@studentminds.org.uk and a member of the editorial team will be in touch within 5 working days. Please remember that the Student Minds Blog editorial team is made up of students from across the country. We hope you feel confident to approach us with any questions you have about the blogging process.

Who are Student Minds? 
Student Minds are the UK’s student mental health charity. We empower students and members of the university community to look after their own mental health, support others and create change. Read more tips on looking after yourself and getting involved with the charity on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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